Woman Healed From Stomach Tumor

As a young man living in India, Cyrus worked tirelessly to persecute anyone claiming Jesus Christ was God. Yet the faithfulness he witnessed in the lives of the believers he harmed haunted him. Cyrus decided, therefore, to fast for seven days and seek this God he had heard so much about. On the seventh day of his fast, Cyrus listened to a loud voice saying, Why are you persecuting My people?” It was a life-changing moment for the young man who turned from Hinduism and accepted Jesus immediately. A short time later he attended Bible school. This was a massive leap of faith, as he didn’t know how he would care for his family and attend school, but God provided for all their needs and Cyrus became a pastor called to the poor people in the state of Odisha. Some years into his ministry, Cyrus came across a remote village. He shared the Gospel with them and the people listened intently to the stories of Jesus healing the sick. They brought Cyrus to see a woman who had been given three months to live. She had a tumor growing inside of her that had become so large that her chin rested on her stomach. Cyrus was afraid when the people asked him to pray for the woman. Her husband was a well-known Hindu priest who was treated like a god by the villagers. They would bathe his legs and drink the water for a blessing. The young pastor feared he didn’t have the power to heal the woman and if nothing happened, he wasn’t sure what her powerful husband would do to him. But he remembered what his mentor in the Lord had said. We are called to pray and then leave the healing to God. And so Cyrus anointed the woman with oil and prayed. He continued his prayer for seven days. At the end of the seventh day her stomach shrunk until it was at its normal size. Everyone in the village rejoiced! The woman’s husband befriended the pastor and two months after his wife was healed, he accepted Jesus and was water baptized. Cyrus regularly ministers to the village people now, many of whom accepted Christ after seeing the miracle he performed.

In James 5, we have this encouragement: If anyone among you is sick then he must call for the elders of the church, and they are to pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord, and the prayer of faith will restore the one who is sick, and the Lord will raise him up, and if he has committed sins, they will be forgiven them.

We are helpless without the Lord, but He can do all things. It is by His strength that we are healed.

We are called to pray and then leave the healing to God.

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