Miracle in a Chinese Prison

For many decades, believers in China have had to endure great suffering for putting their faith in Christ. Yet, they persevere and remain devoted to serving Him no matter what the cost. There are countless stories from China detailing the consequences of following Jesus. This is one of them.

Jordan, a believer in China who faithfully served the Lord by sharing the Gospel with everyone he met, was eventually arrested by the authorities and taken to prison. On the first day, Jordan was severely beaten and dumped into his cell unconscious. He wasn’t just put in any cell. He was a pastor and this was widely considered by the Chinese government to be the worst type of people. The guards put him in a cell with 16 criminals who were all convicted murderers. There was only one bed and sharing was not an option. Only the strongest and the toughest prisoners slept there and it was a weekly fight to see who that was. For some unexplained reason, when Jordan was thrown into that cell that first day the prisoner who had earned the bed carried him over to it and let him sleep in it all night long. What they saw next shook the prisoners to their core. While Jordan slept, a light appeared above him and cast him in a luminescent glow. In the morning, the guards came and took him to be beaten once more. While he was gone, one of his cellmates sat on his bed to rest but he felt something strange occur in his body. A moment later, all of his injuries he had suffered in his body were healed while all the other prisoners watched. When Jordan returned to his cell broken and bleeding, the prisoners revealed what had occurred. Jordan smiled and used the opportunity to share about Jesus. He told them that it was not by any power that he wielded but by the power of God that the other prisoner was healed. At that moment, 10 of the 16 men accepted Christ and the remaining six did so a short time later.

In 2 Timothy 2:15, Paul writes: Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, as a worker who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the Word of Truth.

Jordan was not ashamed of the Gospel. He was determined to follow the Lord, preach the truth and watch God work in the lives of those the Lord brought to him.

What they saw next shook the prisoners to their core.

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