Street Boy Finds Jesus

Day and night, he was consumed with thoughts of Jesus until finally, he fell to his knees and he prayed for forgiveness.

Levi was well known in his Ethiopian village for all the wrong reasons. He had made some terrible decisions during his youth leading him to constant drunkenness, homelessness, and a life as a streetfighter. He was also a known criminal that most people feared and avoided. Not even his parents wanted anything to do with him. They were well aware of their son’s lifestyle and didn’t worry or care when he stayed out all night until finally, Levi stopped coming home altogether. 

One day, as Levi wandered around town, he saw a lady making coffee outside of her house and was drawn to her for some unknown reason. In a semi-drunken state, he stumbled over and started talking to her. She didn’t send him away or make him feel unwelcome, instead, she invited him inside and introduced him to the church planter who had come over for a visit. The pastor and the woman shared the Gospel with Levi telling him that he was loved by Jesus who had died for all of his sins. Levi broke into a rage with both of the strangers. He left in disgust, condemning them for their lies, and went on his way. But rather than forget about this encounter, it was all Levi could think about. He couldn’t get their words out of his mind. Day and night, he was consumed with thoughts of Jesus until finally, he fell to his knees and he prayed for forgiveness. Levi stopped drinking, smoking, stealing, and fighting immediately. Everything from his former life was being changed and for the first time in a long while, Levi didn’t only think of himself. Instead, he lived to please Jesus. His transformation was stunning and no one could believe who Levi had become. He’s now married to a lovely Christian woman and together they worship the one true God that forgives our past and preserves our future.

In Romans 6:23, we read: For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Levi was lost in his sin until he accepted God’s gift of eternal life; that transformative moment changed everything.

Day and night, he was consumed with thoughts of Jesus until finally, he fell to his knees and he prayed for forgiveness.

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