Path of Light

It was an incredible sight and the men could scarcely believe their eyes.

In Ethiopia, the Omo Valley is today home to primitive tribes who remain faithful to ancient customs and beliefs. At the same time, Ethiopian church planters who have a passion for seeing all men and women in their country come to know Jesus have begun traveling to this area more and more with one goal in mind; to preach the Good News to all who will listen. As the church planters explain the Gospel, many accept the Bible’s teaching and proclaim Jesus as the Son of God. They seek the truth, and when Jesus is presented they know deep in their hearts that it is real. There are growing pockets of believers all over the region and their numbers are constantly increasing.

One day, two tribal people, who had never heard the name of Jesus, walked down the road to their village. They saw a narrow but powerful light in front of them, illuminating the path in the opposite direction. It was an incredible sight and the men could scarcely believe their eyes. What was this light that shone so precisely? Their curiosity got the better of them and the men changed the direction to follow the new path. As they walked the light became larger and brighter, eventually leading them to another village where a circle of people had gathered. The men approached the group and told them what had happened: We followed a light and it led us straight to you.” The people laughed and rejoiced at the astounding revelation. They told the men that they were Christians and then eagerly explained the Gospel telling them all about Jesus the Son of God. The two men were amazed that God would care about them so deeply. They gave their hearts to Jesus immediately.

In John 8:12, Jesus declares: I am the Light of the world, he who follows me will not walk in the darkness but will have the Light of Life.

Jesus is indeed the Light of the world and when we choose to follow him, our lives are completely transformed. The two men walking down the road were compelled by the light they saw and because they followed it, the darkness that once surrounded them disappeared forever.

They saw a narrow but powerful light in front of them, illuminating the path in the opposite direction.

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