Joy Unspeakable

Ethiopia is experiencing a spiritual revival. Men and women are turning to the Gospel and Jesus s revealing Himself in powerful ways. Jonathan, a young man from a small village in Ethiopia, had met Christians before and he wasn’t interested in hearing about their God. He was a troubled man with a strong spirit of resentment and he struggled mightily with his family and many others in his life. Then one day, someone came to his village and shared the Gospel. Jonathan listened but hardened his heart and became even more antagonistic towards the Christians than ever before. But something changed that day. There was a stirring inside of him that he couldn’t ignore. He went to church and listened as the preacher spoke of Jesus. At the end of the service, Jonathan gave his life to Christ. A strong joy filled my heart”, he said. For many months I struggled to sleep, but that day I went home and fell into a deep slumber and as I slept I had a vision. A very tall man full of peace and rest laid beside me just as two others came through my window. These men looked angry and demanded I go with them. But the one beside me said, stay, you will never see them again. Tell them to leave.” Jonathan obeyed and when he awoke his heart nearly burst with joy and that happiness has only increased each day. His parents saw a significant difference in him and they asked why he was so drastically changed. Jonathan told them everything and when he was finished they both gave their lives to Christ. Word spread quickly and soon he was teaching his neighbors about Jesus. Many came to know all about the Gospel, all about Jesus; a church was born. I express my joy by serving the Lord and it grows each day he said. I will continue to serve Him s my joy can continue to grow.

Luke 6:38 offers us this promise; Give and it will be given to you good measure, pressed down shaken together, running over, they will pour into your lap, for by your standard of measure it will be measured to you in return.

Jonathan has learned that the Lord loves to give. He is the joy of our hearts and the more we give of ourselves the more the Lord gives back, pressed down, shaken together, running over.

For many months I struggled to sleep, but that day I went home and fell into a deep slumber and as I slept I had a vision.

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