Former Communist Chooses Christ

His decision to follow Jesus became known to his communist supervisors.

Samuel is a Chinese tax collector by profession. He is also a former communist. One day, his future wife invited him to church and he decided to attend. A small group of believers spent several hours with Samuel after the service to answer his many questions and later that night he gave his life to Christ. His decision to follow Jesus became known to his communist supervisors. They immediately instructed him to leave the church or suffer the consequences. Samuel did not cave into their demands. New confidence filled him. He realized that turning his back on Christ was never going to happen. He and his wife needed to find a different church to attend. One where he could remain off of the government’s radar. A close friend told him about a small rural congregation several hours away from the city. They started attending right away and quickly learned that 95 percent of the village population could not read, including most of the congregation. The church had no current pastor and deep in his heart Samuel knew that the Lord had brought him to the village for a bigger purpose. With that in mind, he and his wife made the long journey once a week to read the Bible aloud to the congregation and the number of believers quickly climbed. Each member started boldly sharing their faith and more than 300 people turned to Christ in a short period of time. The power of God’s Word was undeniable to all who heard it. Samuel traded his easy, affluent life as a communist official for one of difficulty and suffering without regret. There was no love there, no miracles in my past life. Christianity gives me both of those,” Samuel said about his decision to follow Jesus.

In Job 5:8 – 9, we read: But as for me, I would seek God and I would place my cause before God. Who does great and unsearchable things, wonders without number?

Samuel, like so many others, has discovered the extraordinary, potent power of God and he could never be satisfied with anything less. He serves a God who performs wonders without number and loves beyond reason.

He realized that turning his back on Christ was never going to happen.

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