Faithful to Fast

Villagers would gather when Aaron was set to preach, throwing rocks at him until he stopped.

Aaron does not adhere to the religious beliefs of his countrymen. Most people in Myanmar, or Burma, are Buddhist but he had long ago found a different path walking with Jesus. He knew he wanted to dedicate his life to ministry soon after he accepted the Lord as his Saviour. He also knew how big of a struggle it would be financially. But this would not deter him from winning people to Christ. He started a church despite opposition from people in his village and his efforts soon began to produce fruit. There was just one problem, Aaron’s neighbours did not approve of his beliefs or his church and took it upon themselves to disrupt the service every chance they could. Villagers would gather when Aaron was set to preach, throwing rocks at him until he stopped. It was not only discouraging but frustrating and more than a little painful! Aaron and his family turned to the Lord for guidance. They decided to fast for ten days and lay their problem before the Lord. When the ten days ended, Aaron believed everything would be different. Sunday morning he began to preach, but the same angry neighbours arrived and without hesitating, they began throwing rocks at him and his family again. Nothing could shake the man of God! He knew the Scriptures that said: Ask and it will be given to you. So, Aaron asked and he continued fasting regularly for six more months. Church members and friends criticized him for such a stand but he did not falter. At the end of the six months of fasting, Aaron attended a worship seminar in a city near him where he met a Christian man. What are your needs?” Aaron’s new acquaintance asked during the lunch break. He answered with the same petition he had presented to the Lord over and over again for the last six months, a place where we can conduct church services without interruption. The man told Aaron to come back in ten days and upon his return, he received a large sum of money. The man had sold his house and a car he wasn’t using. Aaron knew the value of fasting and prayer but at that moment, the Lord showed him the importance of persevering in faith. Their new church began with only five members but has since grown to well over 650 believers. The congregation fasts regularly.

Ezra 8:23 says: So we fasted and sought our God concerning this matter, and He listened to our entreaty.

When God’s people turn to Him and surrender their needs, He will listen. Aaron leads his congregation into regular prayer and fasting because he knows it pleases the Lord.

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