Cattle Truck Baptismal

During the dry season in Ethiopia, a large group of new believers climbed into a convoy of cattle trucks on a mission to find a place where they could be baptized. Where they lived had little water, not enough for a large scale baptismal, and these impassioned believers were determined to declare their new faith publicly. On their journey to a water source they sang and clapped their hands, as each of them was overcome with a joy they couldn’t contain. When the trucks reached a large river, each person took a turn giving their testimony. The pastor baptized 529 people on that one day. The Muslims that gathered on the riverbank to watch at first thought they were witnessing a wedding or some other festive occasion. When they discovered it was a Christian baptismal celebration, many had a desire to hear more. That day, many of those Muslims present accepted Christ as their Saviour and they started a church right there. On the way home, the newly baptized group sang songs and called themselves the tribe of Jesus. They preached the Good News through the holes on the cattle truck to those on the roadside. In one village, the vehicle slowed down to drive through town. The singing got the attention of the villagers at a market. People jumped in front of the trucks and held tight to the bumpers. They demanded to know the source of the commotion. The pastor climbed on top of one of the cattle trucks and preached with great fervor. A new church began in that town, as many people responded to the call to serve God.

In 2 Timothy 4:2, we read: Preach the Word. Be ready in season and out of season. Reprove, rebuke, exhort with great patience and instruction.

What is happening in Ethiopia today is nothing short of a miracle. The Holy Spirit is filling hearts and minds with a deep conviction to repent and serve Jesus. Those who accept the call do not shy away from preaching the Word in season and in out.

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