A Baby's Life Saves a Village

They believed the child was evil and nothing could convince them otherwise.

The Wa people in Northern Burma are animists who believe that all things have a soul. Many of the Wa people still engage in human sacrifice and they follow the barbaric custom of burying alive a newborn baby with its mother if she dies while giving birth. Many of the Wa believe that if the mother does not survive, the child she bore must be an evil spirit and that if anyone tries to intervene and save the baby the family will suffer grave consequences.

Not too long ago, a healthy baby girl was born in a small village in the Wa region. Her mother died from complications shortly after giving birth and the family was forced to get ready both for burial, despite the baby’s robust health. A young evangelist, who regularly came to the village, understood what was about to happen and pleaded for the baby’s life. He explained the child’s worth to God and that Jesus was more powerful than any of their gods, but the family couldn’t be persuaded. They believed the child was evil and nothing could convince them otherwise. 

The evangelist offered the equivalent in their currency of $14 for the child and insisted no harm would come to the family. The money was enough to convince the villagers to let the child live despite their belief the family would suffer grave consequences. A loving Christian family adopted the baby with the promise to keep her safe. Months passed and when nothing terrible happened to the grieving family, the entire village was shocked and demanded the evangelist tell them more about his powerful God. He explained the Gospel and introduced them all to Jesus. Every single person in the village, all 230 of them, accepted the Lord and began the incredible transformation of the redeemed.

In Psalm 139:14 we learn that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. What a great reminder that all life is valuable. Through this experience, the villagers discovered the love of the Father and His desire to draw all His children to His side.

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