Ron's Adventures

In his 30 plus years in ministry, Ron has experienced many adventures following God around the world. These are his stories.


Sleeping With the Snakes

Ron shares a story of one of his many travels to India. On this particular trip, he finds himself staying with a gracious pastor in his humble home. He discovers that he may be sharing his sleeping quarters with dangerous snakes and giant cockroaches. Listen now...

The 3,000 Squat Buddhist Monk

Ron met this former Buddhist monk who also was in military intelligence on one trip to Myanmar. While still a monk, the man discovered God promised in His Word, that by trusting in Him, people could be saved and be assured of that fact. When he began to share this wonderful news, leading hundreds to Christ, the man drew attention. The police arrested him and took him to prison, but they gave him a rather strange punishment that involved stacked tables, repeated squats, and holding his earlobes. But, while doing all the physical challenges, they also told him to do one more thing, which was astonishing. Hear the rest of this incredible story on this podcast Listen now...