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The people of Israel have been devastated due to horrific acts of violence upon their nation. It is at a time like this, that believers worldwide can lift them up both in prayer and through financial support.

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From the desk of Ron Pearce

November 12023


Dear Friends,

There is absolutely no need for me to recap for you the situation surrounding the war in Israel. It is being continually reported through news media outlets worldwide. But what is not being reported is the work being done behind the scenes by messianic believers and Arabic-speaking followers of Jesus residing within Israel. Empower has chosen to strengthen and equip these brothers and sisters in Christ in their attempts to reach out with compassionate aid to the hurting as well as extending the Kingdom through the written Word, and the spoken words of their testimonies. And the good news coming out of Israel over these past few weeks is that people from all walks of life are increasingly engaging in conversations around the Gospel — specifically about the Messiah.

This short update will clarify what the funds you have provided through Empower have been used for; where they have been deployed; who is receiving the aid; and what the spiritual atmosphere on the ground in Israel is like currently. 

The Who and the Where:

Trucks manned by Christian believers are taking supplies to the southern area outside the borders of Gaza.

The What:

  1. Humanitarian Supplies needed for distribution range widely. Here is just a sampling:
    • Food of all kinds including water, nuts, hot meals, biscuits
    • Bedding, blankets, coats
    • Clothing (warm socks, underwear, T‑shirts, sweatshirts)
    • Medicine, hygienic supplies, first aid supplies, soap
  2. Bibles, Gospels of Matthew and John, scriptural material pointing to Yeshua (Jesus) as being the promised Messiah. (Important Note: Empower is closely working alongside The Bible Society in Israel to provide sufficient quantities of God’s Word for the outpouring of requests now coming from those whose world has been rocked by the war. The Bible Society refers to Empower as their very major and close partner in providing Scriptures — The Word of God — in Israel.” Empower will continue to print/​acquire/​distribute all the Scripture that is necessary going forward to meet the spiritual needs of the country. We have already given out many thousands of pieces of Scripture in a variety of languages during the conflict. Empower will continue to diligently look for new ways to place God’s answers to life and death issues that are contained in the Bible, into the hands of the saved and unsaved alike.)

The Spiritual Atmosphere: (including some quotes from messages I have received from Christian leaders)

We always share with them that we are believers and followers of Jesus, and that we pray for them together with many other Christians that love the Lord and the Jewish people, because of the Messiah. Then they ask more questions, and it gives us an amazing way to testify about the Lord and faith in Christ. Thank you!”

There is a strong belief that Israel is entering a critical juncture and a defining moment in its history.

In closing, thank you for your support of the people of Israel in this time of testing and war. We entitled this outreach – Project: Lift Israel. But we could just as easily have called it – Project: Lift Up Jesus. I say this because of a verse that has continually gone through my mind since this war began 3 weeks ago. It is found in John 12:32 ESV:

And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself.”

There will be wars, atrocities, pain, suffering and death until individuals and nations come to the realization that Jesus is the Messiah — the Promised One who has the power to change hate into love and war into peace. This is Empower’s prayer for Israel and for all the peoples of that region (including the innocent, lost souls in Gaza) that the Spirit of God will be poured out in these Last Days and that the people of the Land will experience the peace of Yeshua in their lives and families. To this end, Empower will strive unceasingly to introduce them through all means, to the Prince of Peace. And this will only take place when Jesus is lifted up, drawing all people to Himself.

His bondservant,


Ron Pearce


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The people of Israel have been devastated due to horrific acts of violence upon their nation. It is at a time like this, that believers worldwide can lift them up both in prayer and through financial support. Read more...

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