From a Gambling House to a House Church

Daniel is a powerful businessman in China. It wasn’t too long after getting married that his wife became very ill. He took her to doctors and many different hospitals but nothing could be done. The doctors had no answers to his wife’s illnesses, and Daniel was left to watch her suffer and drift further into distress. Then one day, Daniel was introduced to a Christian woman and began to share the struggles his wife faced in life. The woman insisted on meeting her and upon introduction asked if she could pray. After spending time interceding for the couple, the believing woman left them with bold instructions to trust in God for everything. Daniel’s wife did not become immediately better, but she felt something stirring within her. She told her husband that she wanted to become a Christian. Daniel was wary, and uncertain about making such a radical decision. He didn’t want to let go of old habits, one that included a serious gambling addiction. Despite his reservations, he told his wife that if God healed her, she could become a Christian. Daniel’s wife started attending a house Church and after a few days of meeting with other believers who prayed for her, she was completely healed from all her previous illnesses. Her days of suffering had ended and she ecstatically began serving the Lord. Daniel was amazed at his wife’s healing and touched by her great joy. The next night, he met with the pastor at the house church and he too accepted Jesus. A short time later, Daniel expressed an interest in being trained as a pastor. During that time, he gave his addiction to the Lord and asked Him to take away all desire to gamble. Upon finishing his discipleship training, he turned his home into a house church. Daniel now has a thriving ministry. He has planted over 70 house churches and shares his testimony of how the Lord healed his wife and gave him the strength to give up gambling forever. Everyone in his village knows the story of the gambling house, turned church house, and its powerful message of the life-changing Gospel.

In Acts 3:19, we have this promise: Therefore repent and return so that your sins may be wiped away in order that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord.

Daniel has turned from his sin and has experienced again and again a refreshed life in Jesus.

During that time, he gave his addiction to the Lord and asked Him to take away all desire to gamble.

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