Chinese Pastor Sacrifices Himself for Students

Michael was a young Buddhist man in China when he found Christ and turned his life over to Him. He embraced the Gospel wholeheartedly and went to an underground Bible School for training to become a church planter. Michael has successfully established churches all over the countryside and describes it as a simple process of first purchasing a one-way train ticket, looking for a family willing to give him a bed and some food, and then sharing Christ with them. However, it isn’t always so easy and many times Michael has lived without a roof over his head, sleeping in fields with absolutely nothing until someone opens up their home. The ground is my bed and the sky my quilt, says Michael, who shares the experience of a church planter with his wife and daughter. Michael has been in prison multiple times and has persevered through many trials. He is always sustained by the peace that the Lord provides to him in those difficult situations.

One day, Michael was teaching in an underground Bible School in the middle of winter when he was told that the police had learned of his location. It was two o’clock in the morning and he immediately fled with his 16 students to the train station despite the cold temperatures and two feet of snow. However, the authorities anticipated this move and Michael had no choice but to sacrifice himself so his students could escape unharmed.

Being in prison was an incredibly difficult challenge but he was thankful for the opportunity to persevere without compromising his faith. He had little to eat and if he was ever caught giving thanks for the meager food he did receive, they took it from him. Michael had no family in the area which meant he had no one to bring him a blanket or extra clothing. But when he was at his lowest point, the Lord was always there, drawing him close and providing the hope he needed to face each day.

Michael continues teaching in underground Bible Schools. He does not fear going back to prison, knowing that the Lord is always in control with a plan and a purpose for his life. He also understands that the only way to victory is through sharing Christ.

In John 20:21, we read: So Jesus said to them again, peace be with you. As the father has sent me so I also send you.

Michael’s eyes are on eternity, and he holds fast to the promises of his Father and to Jesus who stands beside him in all he accomplishes for the Kingdom.

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However, the authorities anticipated this move and Michael had no choice but to sacrifice himself so his students could escape unharmed.

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