This Christmas, we at Empower Ministries want to offer the opportunity for you to be an encouragement and blessing to indigenous believers and pastors currently on the front lines of this massive outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Through our Bundles of Love projects, you can give a tangible gift that shows your support of these faithful and tireless workers who are presenting to spiritually hungry souls the Good News of a powerful God offering eternal life to everyone on Earth.

Thank you so much for standing with Empower Ministries. On behalf of our national brothers and sisters and those of us at Empower, have a blessed and joyous Christmas season.

If your donation was made as a gift for someone or in honor of someone, you may wish to download a gift card. You can print the card and share it with that person.

Printable Gift Card

Most Urgent Need Bundles of Love


This is our Canadian donation site. Donate on our American website instead.