Jesus! Our only Hope!

In a world that is quickly decaying, there is hope! His name is Jesus! National pastors, evangelists and believers are sharing this glorious message and never before have they experienced such a massive turning to God in their countries. When asked how Empower can further assist them, one national leader said, The Spirit of God is moving mightily, and all we are requesting is a sandwich and a new pair of running shoes for our church planters as they work night and day to share the Gospel with thousands of waiting souls.”

Through our Bundles of Love outreach, the Empower family is being called upon to provide a sandwich and running shoes” in various forms to send a message of support to these courageous and dedicated soldiers of Christ. In this way, you and your family can actively pour a physical blessing on one of God’s chosen servants.

May God give you a blessed Christmas as we work together to provide the world with hope — and His name is Jesus!

Most Urgent Need Bundles of Love


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