Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos

Cambodian Policeman Discovers Jesus' Power to Heal
Feb. 8, 2019      Download Icon

Sam grew up during the horrific reign of the Khmer Rouge. Before he became a policeman, he was a witch doctor, delving into satanic evil. In an effort to save his gravely ill wife, he sacrificed all of his cows. When all of his efforts failed, find out how God worked in this man's life.
God Works through Children (Vietnam)
Sep. 25, 2018      Download Icon

God does not look for people only of a certain age to work through. He looks for hearts that are turned towards Him. Hear how God used several women who responded when He called.
Faithful Believer, Imprisoned Child (Vietnam)
Sep. 10, 2018      Download Icon

When Beth accepted Christ her family turned against her, even imprisoning her. But, that wasn't the end of the story. Find out how the persecution affected her life.
Night School Evangelist (Vietnam)
Jun. 7, 2018      Download Icon

A fervent follower of Jesus began night school and faithfully witnessed to her fellow students. In this class of difficult students and addicts, was her message heard?