Myanmar (Burma)

The Monk That Couldn't Die - (Myanmar)
Jun. 26, 2020      Download Icon

He committed his entire life to Buddhism, but when it failed him at a critical moment in his spiritual journey, the Lord stepped in and offered freedom.
Hindu Man Healed Watching a Christian Film (Myanmar)
Apr. 26, 2019      Download Icon

When news of a Christian film airing in a northern state in Myanmar came to an elderly Hindu man, he had a deep desire to see the movie. He found the evangelistic team and plied them with his questions. He had suffered with health issues for years. When the movie started, this man was in the front row. Riveted, he watched Jesus on the screen, and could imagine himself as one of the characters. When the movie was over, he discovered something miraculous.
Cyclone, Rats, Devastation and Evangelism (Myanmar)
Apr. 9, 2019      Download Icon

After Cyclone Nargis ravaged Myanmar in 2008, thousands of acres of rice paddies were destroyed by rats. Find out how a solution to the rat infestation, and providing urgently needed compassionate assistance, resulted in an overwhelming spiritual hunger in the local farmers to attend a Bible study, and ultimately resulted in 200 farmers turning to Christ.