Teachings and Devotionals

teachings and Devotionals

Clinging to the Truth of the Gospel Faith Without Faltering Sura is a Russian-speaking Jewish immigrant who began attending outreach events in Israel. She was not a believer but enjoyed the fellowship of gathering with others. She suffered from severe leg pain, but it never stopped her from coming to the events. One particularly difficult day, Sura could barely make it up the stairs to the church. The simple act of walking had become an immense challenge, and she had come to ask for prayer. The Messianic believers in the Israeli congregation gathered around her. They told her that Yeshua (Jesus) wanted to heal her both physically and spiritually.
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Abundantly Pardoned - God's Lavish Love There is a young couple in India.  They had an encounter with the Living God that changed their lives and the lives of all of those living in their village. Sahil and Elina live in a tribe in the jungles of India. They longed to have a child and visited many pagan religious ceremonies hoping someone might be able to perform a miracle to help them conceive, but Elina remained childless. The young couple heard of a Christian leader in a different area who led prayer meetings every Friday night. In desperation, they began attending and prayed the Lord would open Elina’s womb. She
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The Holy Bible - Wholly True   The Bible isn't like any other book that's ever been written. The claims of the Bible are unlike any other book - it's not a human book! God called His Word living. But unless you have a rock-solid commitment to truth, the Bible won't change your life - it will only be so many words in a sea of words. Many of the Eastern thought forms use Scripture. They use it to capture people's hearts. That's because the Bible is so powerful you can't ignore it. God has built life into His Word, and all of the strong cults rip it off. They steal bites out of the
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Does This Railroad Lead to Heaven   This is a true story taken from the 1894 edition of “Touching Incidents And Remarkable Answers To Prayer.” As you'll see, this wonderful story seems to speak to adults as well as to children. It's easy to see why Jesus urged the disciples to Permit the little children to come to Me, for to such as these belongs the kingdom of heaven.” (Luke 18:16) In traveling we often meet with people of different nationalities and languages. We also come across
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