Stories From the Field

Laotian Witch Doctor Turns Church Planter
Feb. 11, 2022      Download Icon

Ron visits a village in Laos to catch up with the nation’s hard-working pastors. He is introduced to a former witch doctor who once had access to powerful dark magic. Ron learns that the pastor turned to the Gospel when family members became ill, and he could do nothing to save them. Listen to find out why this man made a profound and lasting impact on Ron.
The Chinese Christmas Light Pastor
Jan. 28, 2022      Download Icon

Ron shares the story of a Chinese pastor who spent years in prison and suffered greatly for his faith in Jesus Christ. This pastor has been following the Lord since he was sixteen years old. His testimony is an incredible report of the Lord’s faithfulness.
Vietnamese Grandfather on Deaths Door finds Jesus
Jan. 14, 2022      Download Icon

Ron shares a story of an older man in Vietnam who was waiting to die. His family surrounded him and performed all their Buddhist rituals to ensure he passed away peacefully. What they didn’t realize was that God had other plans for the man and his family.
Indian Pastor Confronts the Demons
Jan. 7, 2022      Download Icon

Ron shares a story about a young Indian pastor who settles in a small village with hopes of starting a church. He and his wife begin to notice something strange occurring in the village homes each day. When he confronts the demonic activity, all the attention turns to him.
The Bible Man in Vietnam
Dec. 31, 2021      Download Icon

Ron shares a story of an incredible pastor in Vietnam who suffered terribly for his faith. He spent years in prison, and upon his release, discovered that the seeds he’d planted had flourished. The pastor knew he could be arrested again, but that didn’t stop him from purchasing Bibles for his congregation.
25 Years in Demonic Prison (Ethiopia)
Dec. 10, 2021      Download Icon

Ron shares a story about a lady who was demonically possessed for 25 years. Her children forced her into becoming a portal to evil so they could have wealth and power. She suffered endlessly for their gain. Nine of her thirteen children died, and her health was failing miserably. Her fearsome reputation did not stop a young church planter from visiting despite many warnings of grave danger.
Healing in the Jungle (Vietnam)
Nov. 23, 2021      Download Icon

Ron shares a story about a young evangelist who works in the jungles of Vietnam. Walking along the Ho Chi Minh Trail, this evangelist came across many people who needed God’s healing. Out of great compassion for their urgent needs, he asked God for the gift of healing and the Lord answered his prayers.
A Hole in the Shoe (China)
Oct. 29, 2021      Download Icon

On one of his many trips to the spiritual hotspots of the world, Ron meets with one of the leaders of the house church movements who oversees millions of believers. During his conversation, he notices that the man has holes in the bottom of his shoes. The revelation that such an important man could care less about the soles of his feet and more about his soul was life-changing for Ron.
A Little Lady With a Big Burden (Ethiopia)
Oct. 14, 2021      Download Icon

A woman who loves Jesus will do anything to see her family members come to know Christ.
Unbreakable: The Astonishing Faith of a Chinese Pastor
Mar. 27, 2020      Download Icon

The incredible story of a Chinese pastor’s intense torture and his unwavering faith in Jesus. “They called him the God-man.”
The Slums of Mumbai
Mar. 20, 2020      Download Icon

A seventeen-year-old devotes himself to the poorest of the poor in the slums of Mumbai. “And that’s where I pray.”
From the Red Army to the Underground House Church Movement (China)
Feb. 28, 2020      Download Icon

BEHIND THE SCENES #1 An exhilarating account of Ron’s first meeting with the Red Army soldier that started the house church movement in China. “Nothing could deter him from following Jesus, not even being beaten every day for a year.”