Asked and Answered

The 10/40 Window
May. 13, 2022      Download Icon

What is the 10/40 window? Is it still relevant today? What drives hunger for the Gospel? In this episode of “Asked and Answered,” Ron and Charis discuss the history of the 10/40 window and why things are different today.
National Church Planter Strategies
May. 6, 2022      Download Icon

Spiritual revivals are happening right now all around the world. National church planting ministries are effectively sharing the Gospel message. In this episode of “Asked and Answered,” Ron and Charis Pearce explain why these ministries are so effective.
Discovering International Partners
Apr. 15, 2022      Download Icon

Empower Ministries International works alongside national churches in the world’s spiritual hotspots to provide the essential tools for kingdom building and discipleship. How do they choose their potential partners? What characteristics must a church planting ministry embody? In this episode of “Asked and Answered,” Ron and Charis Pearce describe what they look for in a church planting partnership.
Christianity vs The Religions of the World
Apr. 8, 2022      Download Icon

What makes Christianity different from the other world religions? Why are national church planters having such a profound impact in their countries? In this episode of “Asked and Answered,” Missions Specialists Ron and Charis Pearce from Empower Ministries share their insights into why the Gospel is spreading so rapidly in the spiritual hotspots of the world.
Revival Amongst the Romani of Serbia
Feb. 25, 2022      Download Icon

The Romani people of Serbia are in the midst of a mighty revival. Empower Ministries Intl. has come alongside these poverty-stricken people to help with tangible gifts of love such as seedlings, food, shoes and more. Ron and Charis share incredible reports of the unique baptisms in the many Romani congregations.
What is a Bondservant?
Feb. 18, 2022      Download Icon

What is a bondservant? Ron explains the meaning of a word that he closely identifies with. His teaching on what it means to be a bondservant continues to be one of his most popular. This podcast explains the meaning behind the word and why it applies to every believer today.
What Does a Revival Look Like?
Feb. 4, 2022      Download Icon

Ron and Charis share the signs of a revival. They describe the various revivals happening today in places such as Serbia, Ethiopia and many other spiritual hotspots. Thousands of people are accepting the Gospel. God is on the move doing incredible things and transforming lives, and this podcast has all the details!
Putting Covid into Perspective
Jan. 21, 2022      Download Icon

Ron and Charis answer the question of how Covid-19 has impacted the church. They share updates from spiritual leaders worldwide, who all believe that the pandemic has led to receptive hearts willing to hear the Good News.
The Importance of Bibles for the World Today
Dec. 17, 2021      Download Icon

Ron and Charis answer the question of how important the Bible is for national believers. They explain how all new believers become desperate for the Word of God in ways North Americans find hard to understand. In many areas, the Bible is difficult to find, expensive or forbidden. New converts quickly learn that having a copy is essential for their spiritual growth.
Why Empower Works with the National Church
Dec. 3, 2021      Download Icon

Ron and Charis answer the question of why Empower Ministries works with the national church. They discuss the influential role missionaries have played over the years and why it is time to pass the torch to national workers.
Persecution Around the World
Oct. 22, 2021      Download Icon

Ron answers whether or not persecution is still an issue for the church in spiritual hotspots worldwide.
Covid 19 Update
Oct. 8, 2021      Download Icon

Ron and Charis are back in the studio for the first time since COVID-19 shut down the world. Ron gives an update on how the pandemic has impacted church planting ministries worldwide. You won’t want to miss this episode of Asked and Answered!
Why does God Allow Persecution?
Feb. 20, 2020      Download Icon

Ron tackles a difficult question about the persecution of faithful Christ Followers.
How Have Missions Changed Today?
Jan. 24, 2020      Download Icon

With the influence of the internet, different transportation needs, and the availability of scripture, the landscape of modern missions has undergone some radical changes. Ron is addressing these changes and the need for the North American church to adapt.
The Importance of Transportation
Sep. 16, 2019      Download Icon

Join Ron and Charis as they answer YOUR inquiries about modern missions today. What role does transportation play in church planting ministries around the world? Listen to this new podcast series to find out! Submit your questions to askus@ronpearce.org and be sure to listen regularly. The next question might just be yours!