Moonlight Baptism (Vietnam)
Mar. 25, 2022      Download Icon

A village in Vietnam has 61 new believers who are excited to take the next step in their faith and be water baptized. However, the local authorities heard about the upcoming celebration and made threats to anyone participating. The believers have to take drastic measures to ensure they can still follow through with their plans.
Hired Hitman Immobilized (Vietnam)
Aug. 27, 2021      Download Icon

A hired hitman finds the pastor he’s supposed to kill, but something keeps him from delivering the deadly blow.
Mountaintop Madness (Vietnam)
Aug. 13, 2021      Download Icon

When the search group finally finds the missing woman, they are shocked at what she’s become.
Peanuts to Prayer (Vietnam)
Jul. 23, 2021      Download Icon

When he was arrested and thrown into prison, all he had was a pocket full of peanuts. It was enough to keep him from starvation and betraying his God.
Healed from Electrocution (Vietnam)
Jun. 21, 2021      Download Icon

She suffered a terrible accident, and it changed her family forever.
Secret Prison Church (Vietnam)
Apr. 2, 2021      Download Icon

In his first week as a prisoner, a pastor leads 19 men to Christ.
Unusual Baptism Inside of Prison (Vietnam)
Mar. 19, 2021      Download Icon

A pastor in Vietnam has to think outside of the box when the newly saved inmates want to be baptized.
Three Days in Darkness (Vietnam)
Sep. 3, 2020      Download Icon

When a pastor’s wife writes a letter to encourage her husband, who is in jail for printing Bibles, the authorities arrest her too.
Up and Over the Mountain (Vietnam)
Aug. 21, 2020      Download Icon

A dedicated pastor in Vietnam travels over mountains and through jungles to visit two of his eight congregations. The ten-hour journey is fraught with peril, including government spies determined to take down all the Christians in the area.
Burned to the Ground (Vietnam)
Aug. 7, 2020      Download Icon

Timothy’s gift of healing did not go unnoticed by government officials. They wanted him to stop spreading the Gospel, but he refused. The police retaliated with repeated acts of violence to force his cooperation.
Shepherd's Heart (Vietnam)
Jul. 10, 2020      Download Icon

The authorities put James in jail for providing Bibles to the believers in his congregation. His late-night escape went undetected by everyone.
Demolished Jungle Church Rebuilt in Three Days (Vietnam)
Jun. 5, 2020      Download Icon

When the Vietnamese authorities tore down a village church, it only took three days to build it back up again.
Living Each Day for the Kingdom (Vietnam)
Apr. 3, 2020      Download Icon

Ming is a pastor in Vietnam who suffers continually for his faith in Jesus. Ming’s story is one of perseverance through persecution and the joy that comes from serving the Lord.
Witch Doctor Saved and Healed (Vietnam)
Jan. 31, 2020      Download Icon

A powerful but sick witch doctor learns about Jesus and gives her heart to Him. Her decision provokes intense persecution and an outpouring of God’s grace.
Cambodian Policeman Discovers Jesus' Power to Heal
Feb. 8, 2019      Download Icon

Sam grew up during the horrific reign of the Khmer Rouge. Before he became a policeman, he was a witch doctor, delving into satanic evil. In an effort to save his gravely ill wife, he sacrificed all of his cows. When all of his efforts failed, find out how God worked in this man's life.
God Works through Children (Vietnam)
Sep. 25, 2018      Download Icon

God does not look for people only of a certain age to work through. He looks for hearts that are turned towards Him. Hear how God used several women who responded when He called.
Faithful Believer, Imprisoned Child (Vietnam)
Sep. 10, 2018      Download Icon

When Beth accepted Christ her family turned against her, even imprisoning her. But, that wasn't the end of the story. Find out how the persecution affected her life.
Night School Evangelist (Vietnam)
Jun. 7, 2018      Download Icon

A fervent follower of Jesus began night school and faithfully witnessed to her fellow students. In this class of difficult students and addicts, was her message heard?