Persecuted for Belief in Jesus (Ethiopia)
Nov. 13, 2021      Download Icon

Nathan was imprisoned for his belief in Jesus, but this did not stop him from telling the other prisoners about Jesus. Dozens came to know the Lord, and when the new believers were released from jail, they couldn’t contain their excitement.
Greetings in the Name of the Father (Ethiopia)
Sep. 3, 2021      Download Icon

A young man greets his friends in the most peculiar way, and they react violently.
Grace Under Fire (Ethiopia)
Jul. 31, 2021      Download Icon

Their enemies set fire to all their newly planted churches. It was an act meant to silence their message of hope, but it only made their voices louder.
Healed in Jesus Name (Ethiopia)
Jul. 2, 2021      Download Icon

He shouldn’t be alive, but Peter encountered a group of Christians who began to pray for him.
Three Years of Prayer (Ethiopia)
May. 21, 2021      Download Icon

A church planter in Ethiopia has little success evangelizing his community but refuses to give up.
Dreams of Jesus (Ethiopia)
May. 14, 2021      Download Icon

An Eritrea man encounters Jesus in a dream, and his life changes forever.
Path of Light (Ethiopia)
May. 7, 2021      Download Icon

Two people follow a strange light that leads them to a group of Christians worshipping God.
Obedience Leads to Lasting Fruit (Ethiopia)
Apr. 18, 2021      Download Icon

One man’s sacrifice and faithfulness leads many to Christ in a remote village.
Contagious Christianity (Ethiopia)
Mar. 28, 2021      Download Icon

A church planter visits a remote area to share the Gospel and stays permanently when many turn to Christ.
The River People (Ethiopia)
Feb. 19, 2021      Download Icon

A church planter establishes a relationship with a remote people group committed to their ancient traditions and animist religion.
Street Boy Finds Jesus (Ethiopia)
Jan. 29, 2021      Download Icon

An Ethiopian boy who lived for years on the streets comes in contact with two believers who introduce him to Jesus, and everything changes.
Mob Hears the Word of God (Ethiopia)
Dec. 15, 2020      Download Icon

A Muslim mob attacks a group of Christians at their own church, but when they return the next week to inflict more damage, the Holy Spirit intervenes.
Despised Tribe Experience the Love of Christ (Ethiopia)
Nov. 19, 2020      Download Icon

A despised people group in Ethiopia experience kindness from Christians that transforms their lives.
A Curse Broken By Prayer (Ethiopia)
Oct. 16, 2020      Download Icon

All her children died as infants after being cursed by a witch doctor. When her fourth child grows ill, she reaches out to the Christians in the area and attends an all-night prayer meeting as a last resort.
Choir Deflects Muslim Attack with Singing (Ethiopia)
Aug. 28, 2020      Download Icon

A hostile Muslim crowd surrounds a church Choir. What happens next, shocks everyone.
Show and Tell (Ethiopia)
Jul. 24, 2020      Download Icon

She worshipped demons her entire life and paid the price. The witchdoctor was close to death when someone told her about a man named Jesus, who could save her from the enemy’s clawing grip. She vowed to find him even if it meant crawling to the church.
Blind Convert Healed During Water Baptism (Ethiopia)
Jun. 19, 2020      Download Icon

Isaac wanted everyone to know about his faith in Jesus. He knew water baptism was the next step in his journey, but he was unprepared for what God was about to do.
Touched by the Invisible Hand of God (Ethiopia)
May. 22, 2020      Download Icon

A Muslim leader has an incredible experience with God at a critical moment. When he tries to tell his Muslim brothers about the encounter, they react violently.
Cattle Truck Baptismal by the River (Ethiopia)
Apr. 10, 2020      Download Icon

Hundreds of people in Ethiopia crowd into cattle trucks on a journey to find a water source for baptism. Their testimonies on the river bank inspire a new church! Listen to find out what happened when villagers forced the trucks to stop as they headed home.
Joy Unspeakable (Ethiopia)
Feb. 14, 2020      Download Icon

An encounter with Jesus leaves one Ethiopian man filled with joy, so contagious everyone around him is changed.
400 Muslim Women Surrender to Jesus (Ethiopia)
Feb. 7, 2020      Download Icon

What happens when a large gathering of Muslim women learn that Jesus does not condone divorce? Something radical, of course.
Rocks on the Roof (Ethiopia)
Dec. 19, 2019      Download Icon

The Lord uses an unusual method to draw the attention of a struggling couple in Ethiopia.
Former Sheik Meets Jesus (Ethiopia)
Nov. 1, 2019      Download Icon

Mohammed had a vision of the Lord that led him away from a life devoted to Islam and straight to the Gospel where he encountered the Living God.
Living Water (Ethiopia)
Jul. 16, 2019      Download Icon

Adam was a faithful teacher of Islam until a chance encounter at a well transformed his life.
God's Healing Power Impacts a Village (Ethiopia)
May. 10, 2019      Download Icon

Ethiopia is a hotspot of spiritual activity. Entire villages are turning to Christ. When “Peter’s” wife became very ill, very quickly, he turned to his tribal religion, but no one could help. And his wife continued to suffer. Someone directed him to a local Christian who prayed and his wife was healed. This infuriated the local religious leaders, but Peter reminded them that he first went to the tribe. And then came the rest of the story. What happened in Peter’s village following this powerful miracle of God?
A Muslim Scholar Discovers Freedom (Ethiopia)
May. 7, 2019      Download Icon

“Luke” studied the Koran in Saudi Arabia, and spent three years fighting against Christians. When he heard the message of Jesus, Luke knew in his heart that the Gospel was true. He faced a great dilemma. Find out what he did when he learned the truth of Jesus.
Believe in Me, and Live (Ethiopia)
Apr. 2, 2019      Download Icon

When Philip, a Muslim leader heard the Gospel, he rejected it. But, he couldn't forget the message. Finally he asked a sincere question of God: "Who is the true prophet - Mohammed or Jesus?" That night, Phillip had a powerful and vivid dream. He saw that trouble had befallen the earth, saw a bright light and heard this message: "It's not too late. This dream is to warn you. Believe in Me and live." This podcast will explain the amazing story of how this dream impacted Philip, and what happened next.
A Surprising Way to Start a Church (Ethiopia)
Mar. 29, 2019      Download Icon

How does a new believer start a church in Ethiopia? One man determined to live out his new life of faith by working on "holy" days when work was forbidden. The villagers watched carefully expecting the Christian to die because of his actions. But, God had other plans. Find out why this Christian proclaims, "My God is bigger!"
Young Ethiopian Pastor Leads Assassin to Christ
Jan. 25, 2019      Download Icon

Incredible things are happening in Ethiopia. Thousands upon thousands are leaving behind false religions and embracing the Gospel. Peter is one of those people. He is in awe of what's happening today. Though his life is in constant danger, God protects him - even when he walks between his enemies. Listen to just a few miraculous stories of God's powerful protection on this servant.
You'll Live in the Light (Ethiopia)
Jan. 18, 2019      Download Icon

From the time he was a little boy, Thomas had a burning question that could not be answered: "Where was God?" Even his father, a respected sheik could not answer the question. But, one night everything changed for Thomas. Find out how God revealed Himself to this seeking man and how Thomas responded.
Loving in Deed Builds a Church (Ethiopia)
Sep. 16, 2018      Download Icon

When Simon, a young church planter, followed God's call to Lake Shala to plant a church. He jumped into community life, and soon found opportunities to share Jesus' love. Hear how God made the way for a new church to be a light in the area.
20,000 Seek the Way (Ethiopia)
Sep. 14, 2018      Download Icon

"Daniel" was a leader in charge of 20,000 Muslims. But, God called this Muslim leader to share Jesus with his entire region. Hear the rest of his amazing story.
A Young Girl Healed, A Father Believes (Ethiopia)
Sep. 11, 2018      Download Icon

God's power is reaching entire families in Ethiopia today. This story describes how God reached an entire family as a little girl neared death, through a "chance" meeting with a church planter.
6,000 Share Jesus with Muslims (Ethiopia)
Aug. 4, 2018      Download Icon

Ethiopia's long history of faith endured even through times of fierce persecution. Learn what happened recently when 6,000 Christians shared Jesus in an area populated by thousands of Muslims.