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The Cornfield Church (China)
Sep. 18, 2020      Download Icon

Pastors in China must flee from their homes and hide in a cornfield when the police try to arrest them.
Hidden in Her Heart (China)
Aug. 15, 2020      Download Icon

Sarah was born almost entirely blind. One day while struggling to read her Bible, the Lord gave her a miraculous gift that changed her life.
One Step Ahead (China)
Jul. 17, 2020      Download Icon

A secret gathering of influential pastors was interrupted when the police discovered their hiding place.
Former Communist Chooses Christ
Jun. 12, 2020      Download Icon

When Samuel became a Christian and left the Communist Party, everything changed. God’s plan for his life was unlike anything he could have imagined.
Relentlessly Beaten Remarkably Faithful (China)
May. 29, 2020      Download Icon

Amos has suffered for his belief in Jesus Christ. His time in prison was torturous, and his body nearly failed him, but his faith never wavered.
Life on the Run (China)
May. 8, 2020      Download Icon

Ling knew what she signed on for when she married Fen. A pastor’s life in China is anything but easy. When her husband was arrested, she was forced to flee. Her experience running from the authorities only brought her closer to the Lord.
Armed with only a Pickaxe (China)
May. 1, 2020      Download Icon

Pastor Han lived in a cave he dug out himself, so he could stay hidden from the Chinese government. He spent months underground studying the Bible before he was discovered and thrown into jail. What he did upon release from prison is nothing short of extraordinary.
Persecuted Bible Students in the Underground Church (China)
Apr. 24, 2020      Download Icon

Police raid an underground Bible School and confiscate everything except for a closet full of Bibles they miraculously missed.
Nearly Executed for Christ (China)
Jan. 17, 2020      Download Icon

Ruth accepted Jesus after witnessing a miracle of healing. When Chinese police arrest her and torture her in prison, her faith remains unwavering.
Tortured for Christ (China)
Jun. 28, 2019      Download Icon

Pastor Simon was only 23 years of age the first time he went to jail for not denying Jesus. His unwavering faith saw him through unbearable suffering.
The Miraculous Story of Gangster Jake (China)
Apr. 26, 2019      Download Icon

Gangster Jake was the leader of a gang of 500 in China. Anger and hatred fueled his life and his choices. To solidify his murderous reputation, one night he set out to kill someone. But, God had other plans for this man that included meeting two elderly cooks in a restaurant. And they just happened to be Christians. On this podcast Ron will tell you the miraculous story of how God took this gangster and changed him into a dedicated follower of Christ who, today, is a church planter in charge of 60 house churches.
Pastor Adam - Imprisoned, Unwavering (China)
Jan. 7, 2019      Download Icon

Pastor Adam admits his faith was weak, but God used his willingness to serve the Lord, even through persecution and imprisonment. Hear how God carried him through the difficulties and grew his faith.
Police Raid House Church (China)
Dec. 7, 2018      Download Icon

Confiscations, interrogations, and imprisonments - hear what's happening to believers in China today.
Pastor Joseph - Rescued and Saved (China)
Nov. 30, 2018      Download Icon

As a baby, he fell into a fire. Later he almost drowned. But, God had plans for this man. Listen to discover how God is using him today.
A Sick Mother, and a House Church Leader (China)
Sep. 25, 2018      Download Icon

God sometimes uses surprising ways to reach lost souls and create leaders. Chris's story demonstrates this. Now the leader of one of the largest house churches in China, this message describes how God used his mom's illness, village believers, and meals to change a man's life.
China's First Underground Bible School
Jun. 14, 2018      Download Icon

Ultimately more than 2,000 Chinese students were trained in this legendary underground Bible school. But, how did it begin? And at what cost for those involved?