Lundan - A Man, A Miracle, A Village (India)
Dec. 13, 2018      Download Icon

Lundan had murder in his heart, and his anger was aimed at a Christian missionary who was bringing a new faith into the area. But, God also had a plan. Hear how God reached Lundan and about the resulting miracle.
Persecution Heard 'Round the Word (India)
Sep. 26, 2018      Download Icon

In 2007, this village suffered an outbreak of persecution so horrible, it was reported around the world. Now you can hear the rest of the story.
God's Power over Sorcery (India)
Sep. 20, 2018      Download Icon

Martha practiced sorcery. It led to an illness that brought her to the brink of death. When doctors, magicians and spiritual healers could not make her well, the family reluctantly called on the local pastor. Find out what happened when the pastor was called, and what happened next.
Meet Sanyasi (India)
Sep. 15, 2018      Download Icon

Can God still reach the lost? Even an animist priest in a remote Indian village? Meet Sanyasi and hear his amazing story.
Brutal Attack on an Entire Village (India)
Sep. 10, 2018      Download Icon

When fierce and violent persecution broke out against believers in an Indian village, how did they respond? And how did God provide a way of escape?
A Young Evangelist and his Megaphone (India)
Sep. 5, 2018      Download Icon

David grew up as a zealous Hindu. He chased Christian evangelists out of his village. One kept coming back and finally David listened. Find out why "be loud and clear" was his motto, and hear how God used his message.
Transformation of a Hindu Priest (India)
Jun. 21, 2018      Download Icon

What happens to a village Hindu priest when he hears an all-night prayer vigil in the local church? And how does this impact his life and the village?