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Church Under the Sun (Cuba)
Apr. 22, 2022      Download Icon

A young Cuban couple pray for healing and a place to worship. Hear how God provides even beyond their expectations.
Two Brothers find Jesus (Cuba)
Oct. 1, 2021      Download Icon

They despised each for forty years, and the Gospel brought them back together.
A Vision for the Future (Cuba)
Sep. 17, 2021      Download Icon

They felt called to start a ministry for addicts, and hundreds of miles away, God was preparing the man's heart that would run it..
Wayward Son Finds Jesus (Cuba)
Apr. 9, 2021      Download Icon

A young man runs away from home and becomes deeply involved with witchcraft.
Spiritualists in Cuba Turn to Christ
Dec. 18, 2020      Download Icon

A pastor in Cuba organizes a special service, and dozens of Santeria Spiritualists come to faith in Christ.
Former Witch Doctor gives his House to the Church (Cuba)
Jul. 29, 2019      Download Icon

Alan was a witch doctor devoted to the Cuban religion of Santeria. He lived with an incurable disease until he met church planters and asked for prayer.
Leaving Santeria Behind (Cuba)
Sep. 24, 2018      Download Icon

Hear how God prepared a follower of Santeria for a powerful transformation. Leo now displays joy, hope, and a smile. Find out how God brought about this change.
Cuban Inmate Healed and Turns Evangelist
Jun. 28, 2018      Download Icon

Cuba is experiencing a powerful revival! A vital element in this revival is the country's chaplaincy ministry. Martin's amazing story brings 2 Corinthians 5:17 to life.