The Driving Force Behind Missions
Sep. 27, 2018      Download Icon

The Bible clearly states that only those who know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior will have eternal life in Heaven. Anyone not making this choice will spend eternity separated from God's presence - in Hell. These are the facts from the Word of God and they are indisputable. When a disciple of Christ reads the Scriptures explaining the endless future of unsaved lost souls, the message should send a cold chill through their bodies. But, reaching the lost with the Gospel cannot be driven by a command or a formula. It begins with a heartfelt cry for those who are blind and heading towards eternal destruction. Missions is as much an emotionally driven compulsion as an intellectual issue. We are witnessing the greatest turning to God in history. Millions are awakening to the realization that Jesus is the answer to life. But who are these people and why are they turning to Christ now?
God's Supply Lines
Jun. 19, 2018      Download Icon

As followers of Christ, we become so engrossed in our own personal struggles that we sometimes lose perspective on Satan's ultimate goal and his strategies. We often fail to remember that the moment we accepted Christ as Savior, we declared war on Satan's kingdom and he declared war on us. Thus, we became soldiers in a global army of believers called the Church of Jesus Christ. And as you will discover in the next few minutes, we are winning this war, just as the Bible has promised, but at an enormous price and with some potential resistance along the way. Find out how we remain overcomers in this battle for godliness and souls, and the exciting bottom line.