Former Witch Doctor Transforms His Village

A remote mountain village in India, with a small population and primitive ways, would practice dark magic and sacrifice to many gods daily. Philip, a pastor in India, heard about this tiny community and decided to share the Gospel with the people. He knew that each family had sacred stones that represented the gods that they worshiped. Philip felt burdened to tell the villagers about the one true God that sent His Son to die for each of them. Living in the village was a witch doctor who used dark powers to torment the people and destroy their lives when, and if, they ever dared to challenge him. One day, the villagers banded together to attack the witch doctor and forced him out of the community. He built a hut in the forest and while he recovered from his vicious beating, he plotted his revenge, vowing to destroy one household at a time. Pastor Philip had spent weeks praying for the village and was finally on his way to preach the Good News. He stumbled across the lone hut on the mountainside and was intrigued. Philip knew that a detached home was not typical in the tribal culture of these people and decided to stop and visit. The witch doctor was not friendly or welcoming to Philip, but he did listen to the church planter. The idea that a God would die for him and ask for nothing in return amazed the witch doctor. He asked Philip to return to speak to him more about Jesus. He needed time to ponder the message. The next time they saw each other, the witch doctor accepted Christ as his Savior. Immediately, the man’s heart of revenge softened and he no longer wished ill towards the villagers he once despised. He began to pray for each and every family and soon word got around that he served a more powerful God, which terrified them even more. The elders of the village led a mob back to attack the old witch doctor. Despite his cries about Jesus, they destroyed his home and beat him badly once again. He had no choice but to leave the mountain, the only home he had ever known. Not long after the unprovoked attack, an elder in the village became sick and he died. Several more grew severely ill and the villagers feared they had angered the gods for attacking the witch doctor. They decided the only thing that they could do was to track him down and ask his forgiveness. When he arrived in the village, he stood before the entire group and said this: The evil one comes to steal, kill and destroy. But there is a true God, Jesus, who gives abundant life.” The villagers began to weep and asked him to teach them more. Many came to know Christ that day and many more since.

We can be encouraged by the scripture in Titus 2:13 – 14 that says: Looking for the blessed hope, and the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior, Christ Jesus, who gave Himself for us to redeem us from every lawless deed and to purify for Himself, a people for His own possession, zealous for good deeds.

There is redemption for every lawless deed in Christ.

The idea that a God would die for him and ask for nothing in return amazed the witch doctor.

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