Former Witch Doctor Gives Away His House

Santeria is a distinctly Cuban religion that merges Catholicism with West African Animism. It’s witchcraft through and through and dominates much of the religious belief in Cuba. Santeria witch doctors are like all the others around the world, deeply ingrained in satanic practices. They prey upon the spiritually weak and help the demonic roots take hold. A group of Cuban church planters felt a call on their hearts to go to a city dedicated to the Santeria. They knew only two or three Christians lived there, but these faithful men and women went with a deep conviction to reach the lost. They figured the best way to achieve their goal was to lead a witch doctor to the Lord. So they found Allen, a man dedicated to Santeria, a practicing witch doctor with a thriving following, who also happened to be very sick with a disease no one could cure. The church planters told Allen about Jesus. They talked for a while and then with a softened heart Allen asked for prayer. The Lord healed his sickness immediately, while he was still kneeling and he surrendered everything to Christ. He gathered his family to tell them the Good News and they too accepted Jesus. Feeling grateful for his new life, Allen gave his house to be used as a church. Many people came to this new church, many who once called upon the power of the witch doctor now called upon the power of the living God. Soon it was a growing community of believers. Today more than 300 people gather in his house and around his house to worship. God turned something used for darkness into a beacon of hope. This house now stands for His glory.

In Isaiah 9:2, we read: The people who walk in darkness will see a great light, those who live in the dark land, the Light will shine on them.

Allen no longer lives in darkness and the people around him have seen the Lord’s great light.

Today more than 300 people gather in his house and around his house to worship.

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