Interviews & Global Updates

Global Update Vol 6 - Israel
Aug. 22, 2019      Download Icon

Israel is a country like none other in the world, and God is moving in a way He has never done before. Find out what’s happening in Israel right now and why it matters so much.
Global Update Vol 5 - Cuba
Jun. 7, 2019      Download Icon

Cuba is currently facing dire circumstances as a nation. Through these challenges, faithful brothers and sisters in Christ are actively spreading the Gospel and growing the Lord’s Kingdom. Listen to this informative and timely update to hear just how desperate the food crisis is and what Empower is doing to help.
Global Update Vol 4 - Iraq
Apr. 30, 2019      Download Icon

“We didn’t even know there was light out there,” a joyful new believer living in the refugee camps in Iraq told Ron. On this Global Update, you will hear the facts and realities of life in Iraq’s refugee camps. Though, for the most part the guns are down, these displaced people continue to suffer the effects of the war and live in fear. Shockingly, it is estimated that the refugee camps will be active for at least another 10 to 15 years. Ron shares the latest updates on the “ISIS girls” – the challenges they face, but the victories they are experiencing. And learn how the Church in Iraq is breaking down the wall between Muslims and believers, and the most powerful means of sharing the Gospel in this region.
Meet PG Vargis - Founder of Indian Evangelical Church - Part 2
Apr. 18, 2019      Download Icon

Part 2 of this dynamic interview takes you further into the life and ministry of the man Ron refers to as the leader of “one of the finest national church planting organizations in the world.” Have you ever “heard” a passion for souls? PG’s story of a visit to the Ganges River will enable you to feel his pain and understand something of his deep desire to reach his people with the hope of the Gospel. Find out the biggest challenge India faces today… why people are coming by the thousands to hear the Gospel… what part persecution plays in the growth of the Church… and why there is such a spiritual hunger among India’s young people today... and much, much more.
Ethiopia: A Powerful Interview with a National Leader
Apr. 9, 2019      Download Icon

This powerful interviews brings eye witness reports of God at work in Ethiopia. Find out what "church" looks like in this nation, and learn what obstacles the believers face. Discover the results when twelve traveling "camel schools" are supported. And listen to the amazing outcome after a Muslim leader turns to Christ, but is soon beaten and thrown into a well to die. You'll be encouraged and awed to hear story after story of how God is moving consistently, quickly, and in great power throughout this country.
Meet PG Vargis - Founder of Indian Evangelical Team - Part 1
Apr. 5, 2019      Download Icon

How did a young military man who loved to sin, but didn't love his wife, end up becoming one of India's foremost national church planters? Ron sat down with PG Vargis to hear his phenomenal story of God's grace at work. This man has gone on to be mightily used by God, taking difficult steps of obedience, to begin a growing and thriving ministry that has resulted in untold numbers of people coming to Christ, and thousands of churches being started across India. Buckle up for part one of this amazing story.
Global Update Vol 3 - Egypt, Ethiopia, Israel
Feb. 1, 2019      Download Icon

Check out the latest around-the-world, eye-witness updates with a focus on three countries. Find out how the internet is opening doors to hungry, searching people in Egypt. Hear how the power of forgiveness, plus passion and zeal for Christ are bringing massive numbers of Ethiopian people to a saving knowledge of Jesus. And from Israel, hear about urgency and who is "fighting" over Bibles. You'll also hear exciting news about "Operation Equip Israel."
Global Update Vol 2 - China, Laos, Israel, Ethiopia
Nov. 5, 2018      Download Icon

Around the World Update - Visit China and hear about the current desperate situation. In Laos, you'll be WOWED to hear how God is powerfully overcoming darkness. Do you know how God is reaching the Jewish people today, who survived the Holocaust as children? Listen to this update from Israel. And finally, Ethiopia is a place where God is moving in hearts and lives and growing His Church.
Global Update Vol 1 - Current World Situation
Sep. 26, 2018      Download Icon

Enjoy a personal visit with our leadership. Find out how Empower works, and hear Ron explain the big picture of missions from a global perspective. (China, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia)