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Young Ethiopian Pastor Leads Assassin to Christ
Jan. 25, 2019      Download Icon

Incredible things are happening in Ethiopia. Thousands upon thousands are leaving behind false religions and embracing the Gospel. Peter is one of those people. He is in awe of what’s happening today. Though his life is in constant danger, God protects him - even when he walks between his enemies. Listen to just a few miraculous stories of God’s powerful protection on this servant.
You'll Live in the Light (Ethiopia)
Jan. 18, 2019      Download Icon

From the time he was a little boy, Thomas had a burning question that could not be answered: “Where was God?” Even his father, a respected sheik could not answer the question. But, one night everything changed for Thomas. Find out how God revealed Himself to this seeking man and how Thomas responded.
Loving in Deed Builds a Church (Ethiopia)
Sep. 16, 2018      Download Icon

When Simon, a young church planter, followed God’s call to Lake Shala to plant a church. He jumped into community life, and soon found opportunities to share Jesus’ love. Hear how God made the way for a new church to be a light in the area.
20,000 Seek the Way (Ethiopia)
Sep. 14, 2018      Download Icon

"Daniel" was a leader in charge of 20,000 Muslims. But, God called this Muslim leader to share Jesus with his entire region. Hear the rest of his amazing story.
A Young Girl Healed, A Father Believes (Ethiopia)
Sep. 11, 2018      Download Icon

God’s power is reaching entire families in Ethiopia today. This story describes how God reached an entire family as a little girl neared death, through a “chance” meeting with a church planter.
6,000 Share Jesus with Muslims (Ethiopia)
Aug. 4, 2018      Download Icon

Ethiopia’s long history of faith endured even through times of fierce persecution. Learn what happened recently when 6,000 Christians shared Jesus in an area populated by thousands of Muslims.