Pastor Adam - Imprisoned, Unwavering (China)
Jan. 7, 2019      Download Icon

Pastor Adam admits his faith was weak, but God used his willingness to serve the Lord, even through persecution and imprisonment. Hear how God carried him through the difficulties and grew his faith.
Police Raid House Church (China)
Dec. 7, 2018      Download Icon

Confiscations, interrogations, and imprisonments - hear what's happening to believers in China today.
Pastor Joseph - Rescued and Saved (China)
Nov. 30, 2018      Download Icon

As a baby, he fell into a fire. Later he almost drowned. But, God had plans for this man. Listen to discover how God is using him today.
A Sick Mother, and a House Church Leader (China)
Sep. 25, 2018      Download Icon

God sometimes uses surprising ways to reach lost souls and create leaders. Chrisís story demonstrates this. Now the leader of one of the largest house churches in China, this message describes how God used his momís illness, village believers, and meals to change a manís life.
China's First Underground Bible School
Jun. 14, 2018      Download Icon

Ultimately more than 2,000 Chinese students were trained in this legendary underground Bible school. But, how did it begin? And at what cost for those involved?