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GOOD NEWS - Our Anchor Will Hold Dear Friends, Recently, a very astute pastoral friend of mine passed along this thought to me in an email, and I believe he is absolutely correct. “We are heading into theologically and spiritually choppy waters. If the infallible and inerrant Word of God is not an anchor, then the only anchor we have is our own perspective and perception. In other words – “My boat is not drifting; the land is moving." This is why it is more important than ever for believers to know God's Word and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, not drifting away with the mindset of the world.
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GOOD NEWS - The Joy of Missions Dear Friends, In the midst of a world gripped by the fear of COVID-19, despondency over widespread political unrest and military coups, plus panic due to societal upheaval, I am constantly receiving reports from Empower’s national partners, describing the incredible and deep joy that encapsulates their ministries. Many of these believers are facing intense persecution, suffering and a lack of the bare necessities of life. And yet they are ecstatic about the growth of the Body of Christ in their countries. Therefore, the question that I am continually left with is this: Where are these
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GOOD NEWS - Sheep and Goats - Wheat and Tares Dear Friends, “Wherever” and “whenever” there is an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in a spiritual hotspot of the world, or a revival amongst Christians, the difference between true believers and those who are not, becomes glaringly obvious. Our national church planting partners have been reporting this truth to me more and more of late. As I studied again what God’s Word has to say about this fact, I read two parables in Matthew—one focuses on wheat and tares, and the other on sheep and goats. And while we must realize that these passages are specifically looking towards what
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GOOD NEWS - An Urgently Needed Lesson Every once in a while, I notice a lesson that God teaches the national churches of the world that believers in the West need to pay heed to. We live in the midst of an increasingly fractured society that is desperately searching for direction, stability, and love. At the same time, many believers are increasingly discouraged by current events and their subsequent consequences. In this present environment, a believers' testimony in Christ should be thriving and shining, as we exhibit a different Spirit within us compared to the world. But many times, we lose sight of this reality and
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International Situation Reports
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