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Paying the Ultimate Price from Ron Pearce   A few days ago, I received a letter from the leader of one of India’s largest church planting networks that Empower supports. I will share part of it with you now... A martyr is a person who has paid the ultimate price, death, for their decision to follow Jesus Christ. Persecution has been an integral part of Christianity. In the early centuries, stoning, crucifixion, burning, being thrown to wild beasts, beheading and other forms of cruelty were not foreign to those who chose to become Christ followers. Suffering for the Gospel, persecution, and martyrdom for following Christ
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Christian Persecution in China   Please do not share this report on any form of social media or any other website. The situation for the Church in China is changing rapidly. I want to bring you up to date on the current conditions as well as explain Empower’s emphasis, in regards to this serious news. As you read this stunning synopsis, please be in prayer for the Church in China. The two most common questions asked of me concerning the Church in China today are, “What are the current conditions like for believers in the world’s most populous nation (1.4 billion)?” and secondly, “How can I pray
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Middle East - Operation Welcome Home   Please do not share this report on any form of social media or any other website. In June 2014, the city of Mosul, Iraq fell to the forces of ISIS. An estimated 500,000 Christians, Muslims (Shia primarily), and other religious groups ran across a desert from the second largest city of Iraq to hastily constructed refugee camps in the Kurdish-controlled city of Erbil. Over the past four years the city of Mosul was virtually destroyed by ISIS, or by government forces bombarding the city to regain control and thus displace ISIS soldiers. Today it lays in virtual ruin, freed from ISIS
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International Situation Reports
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